Muslim extremists commandeer airplanes and fly them into the World Trade Center Towers, killing themselves, all the occupants of those planes, and thousands of the occupants of those towers. These Muslims firmly believe, deeply in their souls, that this is the most righteous act they can commit, in support of their religion. In response, an American Christian President, following the guidelines of his religion, accuses other nations of being totally evil, and primarily on that basis, believes it is his moral obligation to declare war on those nations. Judging from these actions alone, it seems clear that both our moral systems, and our religious reasoning, are deeply flawed.

Carl Schowengerdt analyzes the evolution of our human morals since early biblical times. He provides clearer definitions of what we should mean by our terms of right, wrong, good, evil, fairness, justice, morals and ethics. Those particular misconceptions which still exist in our human morals systems are carefully examined. Those ways in which these misconceptions have led us to self-destructive behavior in our societies, using our religions as an excuse, are fully discussed.

The great need for human society to have our religions is emphasized, as is the great need for our religions to divest themselves of their exclusivity, intolerance, and punishment of other faiths. Those persons who have created greater fulfillment in our societies, by addressing these moral faults, are presented and lauded.

This book leads us to gain understanding of what it will take to develop human morals which bring us to reverence for our Universe, love for all our neighbors, and respect for all of life.

Paperback, 400 pages.

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The Religious Subversion of Democracy

The human species certainly needs its religions. Each of us should have the right to accept whatever faiths and beliefs give us guidance and comfort in our lives. What we do not have the right to do is force our beliefs on someone else, or punish other humans for not sharing our faith.

Unfortunately, the religions of Abraham consist of wild mythologies, which are accepted as fact by their true believers. When these myths are accepted as fact, they demand that their followers convert, shun, fight or kill anyone who does not share their faith. The result of accepting these myths without question is world-wide violence. Our ethics have gone awry, because they are based on those irrational religious myths, which demand that violence.

Muslim zealots fly airplanes into the World Trade Center towers, killing thousands, believing that this is the most gloriously moral and right thing they can do. George W. Bush leads America into a devastating, destructive, bankrupting war, without just cause, because his personal Christian God told him to do so. Israel viciously invades Lebanon and Palestine, because these two neighbors do not share their Jewish faith, that they are the one and only chosen, superior, favorite people of the one and only true God. The president of Iran demands that Israel be destroyed, because it is an anathema to the Muslim faith. The Catholic Church plunges Europe into the Dark Ages by burning whole libraries, suppressing all knowledge that might challenge their church doctrine and authority. The Inquisitions, burnings, hangings, torture, and violent crusades follow.

Any religious faith that demands punishment for those who do not believe in that faith must be shunned. That religion is destructive of human society. This book is about false ethics, based on our religious myths.

Paperback, 247 pages.

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AGNOSTIC DEISM: The God of Chance

The religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam teach us that we have a Personal God who is on our side. They teach that this God created this world with a purpose in mind and a grand plan that features humans. This God, they say, will act on our behalf against other humans or inanimate objects, if we pray to It fervently enough. This God of their religion is totally good; but there is a God on the other side, who is deeply evil.

Acceptance of this belief in a Personal God on their side leads each of the followers of these religions to crusade against all others who do not share their faith. All others, of other faiths, are evil, who deserve whatever punishment can be meted to them. Believing that they have right on their side, these religious faithful  commit unspeakable acts of horror on our brothers and sisters, treat all other life with disdain, and plunder our precious home, this planet earth.

The unfortunate reality is that there is no Personal God. There is only a God of Chance, who doesn’t care. The only God that matters does not give a fig about any person, family, church, race, nation or religion. Only when we realize that God Is impersonal will we make rational, loving decisions about all other humans, all other life, and lovingly protect our planet home. If we commit evil acts against other life and our planet home, we are totally and wholly responsible for those acts. There is no Personal God who can be blamed.

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